Strawberry Shortcake Personalized Birthday Invitations

You are invited to a berry special celebration. Hello everyone, if your daughters is going to have her birthday party especially if she loves pink, you should read this. I am going to give some tips and plan about strawberry shortcake birthday themed.

You can ask your girls to sit down and brainstorm about their birthday party. You need to prepare strawberry shortcake decorations and souvernir and some ice breaker games. You can use strawberry wall sticker or red balloons to match with the theme. You can also prepare photo corner with strawberry shortcake girl decoration for everyone to take picture.

You can celebrate your kids birthday in hall or at home, it’s your choice. Prepare some dessert, sweets or strawberry cakes for everyone to celebrate the party. Don’t forget to prepare the main food like pizza or seafood. You can also rent cotton candy machine and ask someone to help the kids make the cotton candy. I believe every kids loves cotton candy.

Prepare some ice breaker games to keep everyone entertaining and play with each other at the party.  Some ice breaker games you can use are  name chase, never have I ever, or playing puzzles. This will bring laugh and excitement for kids at the party.

Lastly, you can prepare goodie bag with candies or chocolate inside. This is goodie bag or souvernir is not a must. Just something to make the party more memorable.

That’s all the ideas for strawberry shortcake birthday party. Good luck preparing your berry awesome party!


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