Rose Gold Floral Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

There are so many wonderful invitation cards out there, that was what I thought before, when I was still in College, and I didn’t think this thing would get any easier or better soon, but I ended up stumbling upon a video on YouTube that is teaching how to craft invitation card and it turned out great, by the way. It costs less than half of “my usual” production cost when I host my own party and use the Printing shop services.

For today, this article will help you find and make a great invitation card for various events. Now we have this beautiful Rose Gold Floral templates. Can be done at home in a few minutes!


Rose gold is a soft, golden-tinged shade of pink. Rose Gold color were the great result of combining or adding the Copper & Silver color to Pink, and if you add more copper, the deeper the rose hue. The more silver, the paler the pink color. This article will have the deeper rose hue, that color will be used as the “texture” of Flower element or decoration in this card. It will be placed at the corners, and the geometric pattern (at the middle) also had the same finished.

Why don’t you get this template and craft it for your upcoming special events? All of them are free and editable with Microsoft Word (2007 or above), so what are you waiting for?








How to get this?

  • Above this, you’re going to see big-download button, by clicking it you will get exclusive access to our Google Drive storage and sure it’s 100% safe from any virus.
  • As soon as you reached that page, you will see the file has Rar file-extension, I’ve gathered it into single file, so you don’t need to manually click every single of them.
  • Click the download button and tap “Enter” to start.

Make sure to extract the file, first, using third-party apps like WinRar/7Zip. Open the “Fonts” folder and install it. Edit the template using Microsoft Word 2007 or above. Print the final version on any printing paper, but if you are a person who wants everything done in such High quality, card-stock paper is the answer.

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