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Austin has been a speedster since the day he was born so for his birthday there is no better way to satisfy his need for speed than with a Hot Wheels party to get ready for all the action we had to invite awesome fellow racers to the starting line.

I made custom invites for race day they had all the details printed right on the card and it was so easy to do online at Dolanpedia. automatic confetti and Hot Wheels tattoos so his friends could look extra cool when they arrived.

He loved helping me and couldn’t wait to hand them out they really got his friends revved up for the party. Austin even helped me fill the favorite cups with awesome goodies for the big day. Next, we were off to the races transforming our party room into speed City and was party city’s decoration choices in every color.

it was a breeze I put up this custom birthday banner that even had Austin’s name. He loves being a decoration. This made just for him we added hot little balloons and Austin suggested we hang the squirrel decorations in the entryway, so they’d be the first scenes his friends will see. We featured some of the toughest looking hot wheels on the road to make Austin feel extra special I gave him a racing hat and birthday ribbon when his friends arrived. It was time to make them look like winners too we handed out Hot Wheels mask sunglasses and more on your mark get set party. Austin and his friends had so much fun racing around and striking their best to victory poses in front of this easy photo backdrop I made,

I found the how to at Party City calm I use this Hot Wheels scene setter and checkered pennants live banner for the background,then added balloon powers to frame the shot. After a few snaps of all the little racers it was on to the next stop games the pit crew took turns trying to pin the tire back on the car blindfolded.

of course Austin’s best friend won the game and was awarded a cool award ribbon.

next it was pinata time each guest got his own Hot Wheels favored bucket then the boys lined up to turn pulling strings on the pinata which was filled with fun favors once the right string was pulled all the tree spilled everywhere and the kids race to collect their winnings.

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After so much action it was time to pump the brake and enjoy some cake between the hot wheels tableware chair decorations and fun favors the tables definitely looks ready for action when I brought up a cake I did tell us and loved the official Hot Wheels candles he and his friends had sure worked up an appetite and we’re excited to refuel at the end of the day Austin sent his friends home with Hot Wheels favor cups loaded with goodies, so they could relive the fun day again and again.

I got everything I needed and found some cool inspiration at Party City calm Thanks Party City and Dolanpedia you really helped Austin to like a racing champ on his birthday

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