Beauty And The Beast Birthday Invitations

Hear ye.. Hear ye.. Calling all Princes and Princesses, the queen requested for your presence in her castle. Hello everyone, I believe every girl loves disney princess and imagining being a princess. Today, I will give you some ideas about Beauty and the Beast birthday invitations.

Disney is famous with its love story on Kingdom about prince and princesses. You need to work together with your girl to create kingdom world on her birthday party. Use some  sterofoam for making castle decoration on your home. Don’t forget to use  some balloons and ribbon as your decorations. When celebrating the birthday party, make sure everyone to look pretty and fantastic as prince, knight, and princesses. Tell the kids to dress up nicely for the birthday party. Dress your girl with yellow gown like Belle does. 😉

You can also provide photobooth so everyone can take picture at the front gate. Tell everyone to make the best shots then you can give them some present if they make the best photo. If you have a dog, you can dress him with beast costume. I am sure he will be cute.

You should also prepare some ice breaker game to make everyone closer to each other like theme match, cartoon couple, and guess the song. Ice breaker can bring some energy and excitement to the party.

You can have a party with table since everyone will be dress nicely on the party. Don’t forget to prepare some snacks like chocolate, candies, and some dessert to keep the kids nutritioned. I also suggest, you use yellow cream birthday cake for your girl.

That is all for the disney princess birthday party. Good luck preparing your party!


beauty and the beastbirthdayinvitations
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