Wording for Baby Shower Invitations

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What’s the meaning of the party without the invitations? Let’s talking about a baby shower invitations. This topic is special for you when looking for the good wordings for an invitations. This special wording is special for your baby shower invitation. I have some ideas for a baby shower wordings. Let’s see how,

Version 1

There once was a time
when we all heard her say,
I’m done, that’s it…
two kids, call it a day.
But now that expression
“I’m done” is in the past.
There’s gonna be another Berns boy,
will this be the last?
Join us for a surprise lunch to honor
Wednesday, February 5th at 11 a.m.
48 Hickory Road
Tampa, Florida
Regrets to Missy 258-1525

Wording for Baby Shower Invitation Testimonial

That’s wordings can you applied on you baby shower party time. Look a simple but easy wording to invite someone to come and joint on your baby shower party times.

Verse 2

We have the formula for fun!

Help us celebrate and shower
Marie Sandstrom
on Saturday, March 12th
at 2 o’clock in the afternoon
The Tea Room
256 Green Hill Ave
Daley, Georgia
Hosted by the Sisters and Sister-in-laws of Marie

Wording for Baby Shower Invitation

Verse 3

Heard the forecast?
A baby is predicted,
but first there will be a shower!
Please join us at a Baby Shower in honor of
Brenda Givens
Sunday, January 12th, 2018
2:00 p.m.
Sandy Merl’s Home
587 Forest Circle
Nashville, Tennesssee

Please let us know “weather” or not you can attend
849-9999 or sandybabys@shower.com

And many more wordings tthat can you combine with your personal wordingsto give easy and understanding wordings to invite the guest come and joint your baby shower party time. It’s special for yours. Choose the best one and combine with your creativity. 🙂


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