When To Send Birthday Party Invitations

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Who doesn’t love party especially to celebrate your kids birthday? Every year we will get excited because our kid grow bigger and older. I would give some tips and etiques to invite guest for your kids birthday party.


First, you have to make sure what kind of party do you want. It is just for family or for friends? Usually we end up invite to many people and the party become bigger than we can imagine. For inviting kids, the should be same age with your kids or your kids age plus one (if your kids is 4, you can invite 5 years old).

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Second, you have to give the invitation in the right time. If you are giving your invitation card to early the guest will probably forget it or loose the card. If you send your invitation too late, they probably will have another plans or busy. The right time to give an birthday invitation is two weeks before the event, so people will also have time to preparing some gifts. Don’t forget to add the end time for the party so the parents will know when to pick up their kids.

Third, you should prepare the invitation card with the best and awesome design but most importantly easy to read and understand. Graphic design for the invitation is important because it will attract the guest and give the party spirit.


That’s all the tips and etiques, I hope this will help you to make invitation card easier.



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