Vintage Baby Shower Invitations

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Hi you! Rights, you who will be the Mommy and Daddy. Lets having a baby shower celebration for tour special new little baby. Showed your baby to everyone. This is the tradition. So, lets prepare about your baby shower party celebration. Here, i’ll try to help you choosing the invitations. Maybe this one design can you applied on your baby shower party.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation For Girls

Here, i will talking about vintage baby shower design invitations. As we know, this design is almost liked in the world. Because it showed a simple but elegant design. But in every year it have the new design of vintages. This is i have some example of vintage invitation design for your baby shower party.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

Manson Jar Vintage design. This vintage theme is the one from the other vintage theme that showed a soft and cool atmosphere. Look likes jappanese style but combine with manson jar. Thats good combination. Match with your baby shower theme.

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation clasic

It’s a boy. This one vintage design of baby shower match with your boy baby shower theme. You can applied to showed your baby boys. This vintage theme combine with a cool color for a boy. Looks good !

And many more kinds of vintage theme invitations. You can choose the one you like and then sent the vintage invitation for the guest that will you invite.


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