Tropical Leaves Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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If you are barely able to find good inspiration of template design, maybe for your Wedding or to invite family to come as your kid is having birthday. Now, you don’t have to worry about that, because we provide massive collections, not only “one particular” theme or concept, but almost hundreds upon hundreds concepts are provided for free.

Alright. We will point that out with one good example that is too hard to skip. This design was inspired from the latest trend on the market, and sure it will stay popular, for at least, until 2021. This beauty; Tropical Leaves, is ideal for couple that is wanting to have classy, elegant and modern design to their special event.



It features gorgeous sets of Tropical leaves and it was painted with nice touch of soft color finished. For the background, there are two options, either Canvas style or White-black Marble background and you can even replace it another stuff, maybe you can replace it with Paper Grain Texture, sure, feel free to use and customize it whatever you want. It’s editable though, and nothing simpler than this one, as it’s editable with Microsoft Word, it would be as easy as when we’re working or doing our usual task for Work or College.








Here are few things you need to do

  • All templates and materials (Fonts) were included in the package and archived into Rar file, to provide easy-to-download and safe from any virus injection.
  • Alright, you need to download the template, it’s so obvious, by the way.
  • Click the download button (It should be placed in above).
  • Soon after you clicked that, you will be directed and landed on Google Drive page, you will see our template in Rar file, Click Download and
  • Edit and insert your text with Microsoft Word and print it on 5×7 Card-stock paper.
  • Note: Don’t bother to ask me if you get any problems or have questions.
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