Surprise 40th Birthday Party Invitation Wording


Fourty is the new thirty. Help! Help! We need your help to arrange something. We would like to give Kimberly birthday surprise on her fourthy birthday this January. Come over and join us!


We will decorate Kimberly’s house with her younger pictures. Fiftieth birthday is the time of reminiscing of our younger beautiful time.

We will make the surprise party simple yet also as creative as possible so this party will be unforgettable for Kimberly.


We will also need to make some simple ice breaker game to make the party more fun and memorable. We have to make everyone enjoy the party and laugh a lot. We will discuss the ice breaker game later on our meeting before the party. Playing bingo perhaps?

We will also need to prepare some food and snack for the party. We need to preare a big bowl of candy, cupcakes, pasta, and some other dessert. For the birthday cake I will bake it myself. For the beverage, please bring your own beverage.

We will only invite some close friends and family of Kimberly, this party will be private and special party. So, we will really appreciate it if you don’t bring kids to the party.fortyThe surprise party will be held in Kimberly’s house on:

Date                : Saturday, 30 January 2016

Time               : 6 PM

Address          : 2782 Earnhardt Drive Louisville, New York City 40202

We couldn’t wait to celebrate this with you. Your presence is the best presence we needed. Make this party the best. Come over and enjoy the party!



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