Super Mario Birthday Party Invitations

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Level up! Let’s come and join us on a birthday party. Tell your kids to put out their pen and books and have fun at the party. If you have a son, I will give you and idea about how to create Super Mario themed birthday party.super_mario_bros_birthday_party_photo_invitations_-_printable_002eed9b

You need to prepare some super mario party supplies and decorations. You can use green and red balloons and Mario wall sticker because Mario is the star. You can also use blue cloth to cover your tables. Everyone also need to take picture on photobooth. You can make straw mustache for everyone to use for the photo. Don’t forget to have some sterofoam brick as photobooth decorations. You can use some toys as a display on your birthday party.

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Prepare some ice breaker games to keep everyone entertaining and play with each other at the party. You can create party plot then everyone can go for scavenger hunt to find some treasures. I believe this will bring energy and excitement for kids at the party. You can also play name the Super Mario characters. If someone wins, you can give them some present.super mario bros

You can celebrate your boys birthday at restaurant or at home, it’s your choice. If you celebrate it at restaurant, you don’t have to worry about the food. If you decide to celebrate it at home, prepare some dessert, sweets and another special treats for everyone to celebrate the party. You should also prepare some main course like pizza, pasta, or steak for the kids.super mario brothers

That’s all the ideas for your Super Mario birthday party. Good luck preparing your son awesome party!



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