Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Invitations

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The older we grow, the better we become. Hello everyone, today I will give you some tips about celebrating your kids birthday party. We should arrange the party fun and memorable. I am going to give you tips about how to prepare scavenger hunt birthday party. Scavenger hunt is suitable for kids who already reach ten years old.

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Scavenger hunt is good because this will bring excitement and make the kids smarter. You can use a park near your house to create a playground. Create a story or games for the kids then they have to find the item you already put in a park. Make them solve the puzzle and mystery for finish the game. You have to limit the time for the game to add more fun and they can work fast.


After the scavenger hunt, you can celebrate your kids birthday at some diner place or in your house, it’s your choice. If you celebrate it at restaurant, pick steak, noodles, or pasta as the main food. If you decide to celebrate it at home, prepare some dessert, sweets, snacks and another special treats for everyone. For the main food you can order pizza. You also need to prepare small chocolate cake for your kids to blow the candles.

scavenger hunt

Lastly, you can prepare goodie bag with some merchandise like mug or candles or anything. This is goodie bag or souvernir is not a must. Just something to make everyone remember the party.

That’s all the ideas for your kids birthday party. Good luck preparing your awesome party! Let the game begin!


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