Save The Date Birthday Invitations

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Hey everyone, it’s time to celebrate birthday. Save the date to celebrate your best friend birthday party. You can arrange anything for your best friend birthday party. You can arrange fine dining, surprise party on her/his apartment, or going to the club. There are so many ideas for adults birthday party. Just remember to enjoy the moment.


For adults birthday party, usually we prefer to throw a surprise party. If you throw a surprise party you have to make the surprise party on the friend’s house because it’s easier to prepare it at friend’s house than the birthday guy’s house. Unless you can ask the help from the close family so you will get the key to his/her house. Even this is a surprise party, you will need to prepare something like party plan, few decorations, and party treat. Keep the decoration simple since this is an adult birthday party.


You should also prepare some food like chocolate fondue, chocolate cupcakes, and for the drink you can prepare fruit punch and champagne. For the main food you can ask your friend who good at cooking or you can buy the food at the nearest restaurant.

Try to match the invitation card design to the party theme. Birthday invitations have the power to give the party spirit to the guests.


Sometimes party can be bigger than we are expected. When sending the birthday invitation, you have to give RSVP for the guest. Send RSVP at least one week before the birthday party because sending the RSVP takes time. Even if it’s a surprise party you need to have the birthday invitations so many people will come.

That’s all for the tips. Good luck preparing your birthday party! Let your party begin and loud!

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