Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party Invitations

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Let’s celebrate a birthday party. Hello everyone, if your kid is going to have a birthday party, you should read this. Today, I am going to give you pumpkin patch birthday party ideas.

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For the this pumpkin patch birthday party, you can use a lot of orange colour on your party. You can use orange table cloth, orange spoon and fork, and probably birthday flags. You can also use orange balloons and ribbons. Don’t forget to buy some pumpkins then you carve it and use it as decorations. You can also put a lot of pumpkin decorations on your house.

Match your birthday invitations with the birthday themed. You can find some design on the internet or make your invitations yourself.

pumpkin patch

Prepare the sweets, desserts, and pumkin cupcakes. You can always decorate your cupcake with orange colours. For your kid birthday cake you can bake yourself and orange cake and draw a pumpkin smile on it.

Don’t forget to prepare ice breaker game for everyone. Ice breaker game is very useful to keep the kid sweats and excited. You should also provide prize for the winner.

Pumpkin Patch Birthday Invitation

Decide the venue for your birthday party. Try to look for a nice restaurant in town or you can prepare the party yourself at home. Prepare some main food like lasagna, pasta, or sandwiches. You can always create a menu yourself on searching some recipe on the internet.

That is all for the pumpkin patch birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your fantastic party! Let’s frightened everyone!



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