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What a fun to have party and celebrate our lives. We are all have celebrate our birthday party at least once in our lives. Before we throw the birthday party, we have to make the guest list. After that, we send them invitation and count how many guest that will come. I will tell you how to plan birthday for your kids.


Sometimes party can be bigger than we are expected. When sending the birthday invitation, you have to give RSVP for the guest. RSVP means Respondez S’il Vous Plait which means please reply. You have to give the invitation RSVP so you will know how many guest will come and you can make better preparation for the party. Send RSVP at least one week before the birthday party because sending the RSVP takes time.


Try to match the invitation card design to the party theme. When matching the design to the party theme you will also bring the party spirit to the guest and make them more excited.

On your invitation card, especially kids, you have to include the end time for the birthday party, so everyone who doesn’t drive to the place will know when to pick up your guest.

alice-in-wonderland-invitations-2015-h2ubgrs5Lastly, tell your kids to hand the invitations to their friend in school. When give the birthday invitations, tell your kids to hand it discreetly, so the friend who doesn’t get invited doesn’t feel left out.

That’s all for the tips. Good luck preparing your birthday party!

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