Owl Invitations For First Birthday

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Look Whoooo’s turning one! Tell your kids to put away their books and celebrate their birthday party. Today, I am going to give you owl for your kid first birthday party. Owl is cute night animal. I am sure this birthday party will be interesting.

You can sit down with your kids and brainstorm about their birthday party. Write all the ideas in paper. I suggest with some trees and owls on it. You can buy owl stuffed dolls on some store. You can also decorate your door with owl sticker. Since this is an owl birthday party, you might want too keep your party a little bit darker.owl3Prepare some ice breaker games for everyone to keep the kids entertained and laughing. You can play the wind blows, human bingo or telling story with animal in it. If a kid wins, he/she can bring home some present.

owl2You can also hired a man who wears costume. He can wear owl costume and sing and dance with the kids to bring more joy to the party.

owlPrepare some snack at the party like cupcakes, chocolate, or candies. You have to keep the kids nutritioned after so much activities. You can also choose the main course like creating owl shaped food with big eyes. For the main course, you can provide seafood or beef. If you choose seafood, make sure no one has seafood allergic.

owl1Lastly, you can also prepare goodie bag for everyone to bring home. That is all for the  owl birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your party!


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