Nautical Themed Baby Shower Invitations

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Ahooyy.. a little boy is on the way. Let’s prepare his baby shower celebration. Many themes that can you applied for your baby boy shower celebration. But if you looking for a different themes of baby shower invitation. Here is the way. This theme is dedictaed for you the sailorman who looking for a baby shower themes like with your jobs. As the parents maybe you like to showed your best design invitation for yur baby shower party. Many parents using the design match with their hooby or their jobs. Like this one. Nautical Baby Shower themes is match with your jobs. Now, let’s see how about the invitations.

Nautical Themes Baby Shower Invitation

Nautical invitation is identical with the blue color like the sea combine with the ship inside. You can add some acessories like anchor, and the other things that needes by the sailor. It be abble for the boy. You can applied for your new little baby boy. Design and decorate it as the best you can.

Nautical Thems Baby Shower Invitation Green

Or if you dislike with the blue color, you can using the other color that you like. Like this one, a green is the alternative color for your Nautical baby shower invitations. But still pour many nautical ornament for your baby shower invitation like the anchor, ship and the other.

Nautical Themes Baby Shower Invitation Yellow

And this the last one the other color of nautical baby shower themes. Yellow is the other alternative color for your nautical baby shower invitations. Decorate this one as your creativity. Add some acessories of nautical themes for your baby shower invitations. Combine it with the wordings  invitations. Make sure that the information is the right information. Apply this one themes for your baby shower party invitations.


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