Monogram Wedding Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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Your wedding is all about you and your ability to achieve a great combination and personalization. Usually it goes from writing and listing everything you’re going to need for your party (like the decorations, how the table will be displayed and so on), to designing your party invitation card

Well, in overall, this is definitely not an easy task at all, and for designing your invitation card, there’s no easier way to personalize than with monogram! You don’t need to have a “glorious” designed card, since doing something in simple way, could be the best than having massive knick-knacks.



This article, we’re going to share six beautiful Monogram style invitation card, it wasn’t exactly made for Wedding or sort of, sure you can use it even for Birthday or Baby shower, but mostly, Monogram is a “good-design” related to wedding event. Since it will be displaying both you and your future-husband’s Initial in the most beautiful way.

Our invitation cards are able to “display” that for you. Each cards have stunning “Floral Crest”, which will be placed at the top section of the card. Write yours and your soon-to-be-husband’s Initial at the center of that crest, and since our template is editable with Ms. Word, you can do that easily, like working on some documents for work.








Here is the download instruction

  • Do you see the download button (Above)? click your left mouse button on that and wait until your browser open Google Drive page.
  • Once you have landed on Google Drive page, you will see “Download”, click that and locate the destination folder or just leave it as it is.
  • Tap Enter or click Save and the download process will be automatically started.

How It Works

  • The essential part to make it works is, you have to install all provided fonts inside the Fonts folder, it doesn’t take a long time to install it, so do it properly.
  • Then open the template file with Ms. Word (2007 or above). The reason why we need to install the font is, because if you haven’t installed it, you will get warning that some fonts are missing.
  • Print the template on 5×7 cardstock paper. 80-110lbs would be fine, don’t go beyond that.
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