Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

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For you who want to celebrate your baby shower celebration, and still confused about the theme, here i’ll try to help you. A jungle theme is the one choice of your baby shower party. This theme is almost liked of many people. Because many cute animal charcter that you can applied for your baby shower theme.

Monkey is the one of cute animal character on the jungle. You can using this animal character for your design of invitation. Do you know Paul Frank? this ih the example of cute monkey character. As we know, if we look Paul Frank we always remember about the cute monkey. Maybe you can use this monkey character for your baby shower invitations. Here, we have some example design of Monkey Baby shower invitations.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Blue

This one simple example of monkey baby shower invitations. You can combine blue color with the tree color like yellow and green include the monkey picture there. That’s look so simple but cute. Using a simple wording and this invitation ready to sent.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Simple

For you who like with a green polcadote color. Try to using this design. It combine from brown and green color to showed the jungle theme. Include with a monkey picture in the bottom. That’s look cute monkey. Match with your baby shower theme.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle !  Auwoooo… this monkey is ready to come your home. To invite everyone to jount a baby shower party. Its’s simple invitation combine with contrast color of green and brown. Include with the monkey. Remind about the information. Using the right information for your invitation. Using the simple understanding words to make the guestt easy to read the invitation. That’s all inaf.



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