Modern Wedding Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

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For most people, keeping our budget as low as possible is a must, especially when we’re talking about hosting our own party. Do you know why? Because buying the custom ones, let’s say you’re going to buy from some local printing-shop, you could easily spend some bucks, somewhere around $30-$50 per 100pcs, and even beyond that. Otherwise, in the recent years, with the massive expansion of Internet, now we can learn faster and easier through Internet, and go with the DIY path.

Speaking of DIY path, you can find numerous template for your invitation card design, for absolutely free and it doesn’t require any specific skills, in order to edit or customize it. Like these one, Modern Wedding invitation card, this template is future-proof design, which has been made with Microsoft Word, so despite it’s free, our template is undoubtedly one of best and the easiest way you could ever get for free.


This Modern style invitation card will be perfect for nowadays, as we’re living in such beautiful Modern era, and most couples out there were giving good responses to this concept and using it on their party. Anyway, this templates have portrait orientation design, and on its back, you will get simple, Stock White color or Paper Grain Texture, despite that, you also got another stuffs, such as different font-styles, wordings, as well as Flowers paintings as a bonus.


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has portrait orientation design


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has white background


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has orange floral


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has


Modern Wedding Invitation Templates - Editable .Docx and has


How do I download the file?

  • Above this instruction, you will see big download button, click that and you will be directed to Google Drive page.
  • Then click the “red” button, or drop-down arrow (on the far right), to download the template.

What should I do next?

  • Note: unpack the file with Winrar or any Rar file opener.
  • Open the Fonts folder, and install all.
  • Now you can customize the template, and insert all your information.
  • Once you finished with the editing session, you need to get some supplies, like some bundle of Printing papers, Inks, etc.
  • For ink, it should be matched with your Printer type
  • For Printing Paper, you can take one of this as a reference,
    • Card-stock
    • Cotton
    • Linen
    • Kraft
    • Etc.
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