Modern 21st Birthday Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

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Literally no one is denying that your 21st birthday is a huge, huge deal! It only happens once in our lifetime. You really deserve good treatment, gift yourself so much loves, especially when your 21st birthday is getting closer and closer. Invite your best friends to come, ask your boyfriend to help you set the party and don’t forget to think more carefully on how your party is going to look like.

Speaking of that, setting up a 21st birthday bash, it can be tricky to figure out exactly which concept will work the best for you. Since it’s your HUGE milestone—especially if you want to do something a hundred percent epic, even for a smallest detail like your invitation card design. What if you see these ones?!



Unique and elegant, what else can describe this design? I think this one of my Top 5’s Best design in this month. Since 20’s is the best year in your life, I decided to make the design a little bit unusual. It combines two elements, which Canvas and well-organized “text” will represent Elegant or Modern design element, and the other one is, Brush-stoke, to resemble our freedom in form of art (Contemporary).








It has unique font-styles that resemble strokes from brush that we use for painting. To make a good contrast, I put large paint-strokes as the base of “Twenty-One” words, everyone could see it right away. To make it even glorious, I added a couple things such as, Gold glitter effect, 6 different paint-strokes base-layer, and white marble background. Our template is editable with Ms. Word, so you can do many things to our template.

Wondering on how to get our template? All of them are free, and it will be easy to download, because all files are stored in our Google drive account. So please follow the guides below

  1. Click the download button (above) and wait for a moment.
  2. Google drive should appear by now, and you are going to see the file has Rar format, right? don’t worry, solely compressed into Rar to provide easy-to-download and safe from any virus.
  3. Okay, to download it, click Download > Locate the folder > Save.
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