Minnie Mouse First Birthday Invitations


I am going to having my first ever birthday party and you’re a special part of the plans. Hello people, let us come and join us to celebrate Julia birthday party. She is so excited to celebrate her very first birthday party with you. Come and bring your kids to play along!


The birthday party themed will be all about minnie mouse. There will be a lot of decorations about Minnie mouse like balloons, wall sticker, or Minnie mouse cakes.

We will also provide many sweets, candies, desserts, and cupcakes. Sweet treat is the best for the sweetest moment.

We will also invite Minnie mouse clown as our guest star to make the party more awesome. She will lead the kids to sing and dance happy birthday together. I believe the fun of the party will never end.


When you come to the birthday party, you can wear Minnie mouse accessories like Minnie mouse ear or even face painting to make the day more fun. Don’t forget to take picture so you will remember this forever.

We will be play some games to break the ice so you guys can getting know each other such as simons says, a great wind blows, and human bingo.

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Anyway, the birthday party will be held in our house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 13 February 2016

Time                           : 12 PM

Address                      : 65 Levy Court Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

We can’t wait to welcome and see you on our party this Saturday. See you there and enjoy yourself!


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