Message In A Bottle Birthday Invitations

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What could be more special? What could be more fun? Than a birthday party for a little boy/girl! Howdy kids, if your kids are going to have birthday party, I have a very great idea for your birthday party. It’s message in a bottle birthday party.
message in a bottle

You can look up on the internet what decorations you can use. Some decorations you can use are sands or star fish. You can make your party next to the pool in your house. You should also prepare many little bottles for your party. You can fill the little bottle with little starfish and sands then give it a motivational message in it. You can buy a small bottle on a store or you can reuse milk bottle.

For the party food, you can provide snacks like candies, drinks in a bottle, dessert and especially ice cream so they can enjoy at the party. Ice cream is the best dessert for summer like this and I believe nobody can resist the cold of ice cream.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can arrange some games to make everyone a little bit sweat like simon says so they can run around, some puzzles, and two truths and a lie. You can also have talent show at the party. If some kids really love to sing and dance, ask them to perform solo or together with their friends. Give them some prize to motivate them to perform.

message in abottle

Lastly, you can prepare some goodie bag as a souvernir for the guest. Make the goodie bag interesting and pretty. You can fill the goodie bag with candies, chocolate, or bottles with small toys in it.

That’s all the ideas for the birthday party. Good luck!




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