Make Baby Shower Ivitations with Cheap Budget

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If you want to celebrate baby shower but have a low budget is no problem. You just need minimize the budget and make the baby shower party not to elegant. Make it simple but memorable. Talking about the budget, here i will share to you how to minimize it. One way is minimize on the invitations budget. You shouldn’t spent your money just to make an invitation. So, how to make an Baby shower invitations on low budget? Here, i will tell you.

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

You can order the invitation on the baby shower shop, choose the cheap one with simple design. You should know, it just an invitation. Minimize the budget on here and make for the other necessary.

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Make A Pocket

Or for the other choice you can make an invitation do it by yourself. What things do you need? Yeah! you can use second hand paper to make this simple invitations. And the other support device like a cutter, glue, ribbos and etc. Make it as creative as you can. Choose the simple but the best design that you have browsing or searching. Made it by yourself.

Match the theme of baby  shower. For the girl combine the color with pink and the other soft color. And for the boys is identical with the blue color. So make it combined with blue color .

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Handmade Diaper

Here is i have some example for cheap baby shower invitations that can made it by yourself. Many design and simple colorful invitations, although it’s need a cheap budget don’t let the invitations for the party. 🙂



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