Magic Show Birthday Party Invitations

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Abracadabra. Let the magic begin. Hi everyone, today I will give you some tips about celebrating magic show birthday party. I believe everybody loves magic. Magic show is always good for birthday party.


You should prepare pen and paper then sit down and brainstorm with your kid about their birthday party and write it down on the paper. Some essential things you need to prepare is invitations, food, decorations, ice breaker games, event plan, or perhaps souvernir if you want to. You should decorate your home with magic hat with rabbit, magic stick or another magic stuff for display. For the birthday invitations you can give some glitter on the birthday invitations. Magic themed birthday invitations can add the party spirit to the guests.magic showFor the birthday party prepare some dessert, sweets, snacks and another special treats for everyone. You can decorate your birthday cake with little magician on a tuxedo on it. Some snacks you can prepare are club sandwiches, magic wand, for the drink you can prepare magic potion.

You should also prepare some ice breaker game to entertain everyone. You can actually play magic bean taste, sneaky magician, and hat trick. Don’t forget to invite a magician to your party to entertain with the kids. You can also ask the magician to lead the ice breaker.magic show1Lastly, you can give souvernir to the guest, for example party photo or magic toys for everyone.

That’s all the ideas for your magic show birthday party. Good luck preparing your awesome and magical party!

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