Mad Scientist Birthday Party Invitations

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We’ve got some formula for the great explosion. Blow the candles, it is the time for birthday party. I believe everyone loves to celebrate birthday especially kids.. I mean who doesn’t you can eat a lot of food and meet people. The most essential thing of birthday party is birthday invitations. If your kid really loves science, I believe he would really excited for this.

mad scientist

You should prepare some scientist decoration like beaker, flask and test tube. You can also prepare some biscuit with flask shapes then you can add sprinkles on top of it. If you have microscopes or telescope at home you can use it as decorations. You can also make cupcakes and arrange it like periodic table but you can change the letter with your guests name. Don’t forget to add safety google for the guests.

mad scientist2

For your birthday invitations, you can design it on the internet. You can add some pictures on your birthday invitations like some numbers, flask, or microscopes.

For ice breaker game you can play mentos and diet cola, erupting volcano experiment, lifting fingerprint, or play dough. The key is to make ice breaker game that requires making something. I am sure the kids will really love making something.

mad scientist1

You can also prepare a birthday souvenir for the guests. You can put your birthday souvenir inside small paper bag. Of course you should make your paper bag with flask on it.

That is all for mad scientist birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your party!


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