Lego Birthday Party Invitations Printable Free

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What a fun to celebrate a birthday party. Hello everybody, I believe every kid loves to play lego brick. Lego brick can help us built anything. Today I am going to give you some ideas about lego birthday party.


Since this is a kid birthday party, you should arrange standing party maybe with some chair for everyone while eating. Prepare some home decorations and party supplies. You can use lego jar to put the snacks, you can also use lego brick to put party spoons and forks. For your invitations card you can make it your self using blue, green, or red cartoon. You can make 3d invitation card for the kids.

You should also prepare some game to make the party loud and fun. One of the ice breaker game you can play is finding lego. Put some lego bricks on your backyard then tell the kids to find the lego. The kids who has the most lego will win.


For the food you should prepare some lego chocolate, lego cupcakes, some chocolate or ice cream at the party. Consider the food that every kids would love. For the main course you can prepare salad for healthier choice or pizza for the kids.


If some kids have the talent to entertain everyone, ask them to sing a song or dance. They may also sing together. Give them some gift if they are brave enough to sing on stage.

That’s all for the ideas of lego birthday party. Good luck celebrating your kids birthday party!



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