Lavender Baby Shower Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

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Although purple was the color of 2012, especially Lilac and Lavender, it doesn’t even stop large numbers of people that adores it for their wedding or party décor. According to last year, brides and grooms still love and tend to pick either lilac or lavender to “highlight” their party. It looks pretty and smells even prettier.

This color almost suitable for various event, from Wedding to Birthday. Can you imagine it? Having gorgeous Lavender and Roses as the decoration of your party invitation card, wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to have that for free? See below, to find that!



Considering the demand of both Floral and Modern elements in invitation card design, this cards have both of them and could stands out without “sacrificing” one or another. You will get six template designs, in which, you will get 3-background designs, (1) White Marble Texture, (2) Canvas, and the last one, (3) it’s been my favorite design so far, yup, you also get Rustic paper grain texture.

Aside from those gorgeous background designs, each cards also packed or decorated with beautiful sets of Lavender flower. This “Flower” is definitely perfect to live up or beautify the entire design. By the way, if you can’t bear to wait to download this right now, you can do that by reading and following our guides on how to download and use our templates.









Here is the download instruction

  • Do you see the download button (Above)? click your left mouse button on that and wait until your browser open Google Drive page.
  • Once you have landed on Google Drive page, you will see “Download”, click that and locate the destination folder or just leave it as it is.
  • Tap Enter or click Save and the download process will be automatically started.

How It Works

  • You need to open the Rar file with WinRar or sort of, and open the Fonts folder and install all fonts.
  • To edit the template you’d like to use, you need Ms. Word 2007 or above. if you already had that installed in your device, now you’re good to go.
  • Print the template on 5×7 cardstock paper. 80-110lbs would be fine, don’t go beyond that.
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