Kids Birthday Party Invitation Wording

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People loves to celebrate birthday especially kids. I mean who doesn’t you can eat a lot of food and meet people. The most essential thing of birthday party is birthday invitations. You can buy birthday invitations card at store or you can make it your own to make it more touching. I am going to give you some example for birthday invitations wording for your kids.
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Make your invitation wording cute and eye catching. For example,” Toot the Horn! Bang the drum!  It’s a Birthday Party and we want you to come!” or “Come to a jungle jumping birthdayparty, We’ll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys!.”

Match your invitation wording with the party theme. If your girl have sleepover party you can add “Calling all of the Birthday Girl’s friends! Let’s get together for a scavenger hunt and let the Slumber Party begin! ”. Just use simple word that will catch the attention.

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Things you should write on you invitations card have answer these questions: who, where, what, when, and how. You have to explain these clearly. Who is having birthday party, where the event will take places, what is the party theme, when is the time, and how is the party will be so everyone will know what to dress at the party. Do not forget to mention when the party will be finish, because parents needs to know when to pick up the kids.

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Those are some things you should pay attention to make your kids invitations. Good luck making your invitations!



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