How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Invitations

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Best years are yet to come! Let’s have fun and celebrate a bit. Hello everyone, I believe everyone has celebrate birthday once in their lives. If your kids really loves dragon, you should read this. I am going to give you how to train your dragon birthday ideas.


Ask your kids, what they want for the birthday party. Ask them to help with the home decorations. Maybe your kid can wear some old village costume for their birthday party. You can also put some dragon eggs on your home as decorations. You can also use toothless wall sticker or black ballons for the birthday party.


For the food you can prepare some marsh mallow. You can put the marshmallow on the how to train your dragon plates. You can also prepare sweets, dessert, and fire cupcakes or black cupcakes for everyone at the party. For the birthday accessories, you can tell the kids to make the shield from plates, then tell them to bring the shield for the rest of the party. You should also prepare some ice breaker game to keep the kids entertained. Some ice breaker games you can play are human bingo, uno blocks, or scavenger hunt. If they win, they can bring home dragon dolls.


Lastly, prepare souvernir for everyone to bring home. You can give the kids toys or t-shirt with the birthday photo for everyone, so they will remember the party forever.

That is all for the birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your son birthday party!



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