Halloween Themed Birthday Party Invitations

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Boooo… Booo.. Hello fellas, now is the time of the most anticipated festival. That is right, it is time for Halloween. If your birthday is in Halloween it is a good time to have costume party. I am sure it will be fun.


You need to prepare some spooky home decorations like fake skeleton, fake coffin, or spooky statues. Ask the guest to wear spooky costume or any costume to celebrate this Halloween birthday. Use dim lighting for your home decoration so your house will look spooky. Ask your birthday kid to help with the party decoration because usually kid tend to have more idea than adults.


Match your birthday invitations with the birthday themed. Use black invitations or maybe you can use Jack skellington invitations card. Don’t forget to add the dresscode for the guest since this is costume party.

Prepare the sweet, desserts, and maybe ice cream for everyone. It will be better if you use scary cupcake or cookies for birthday snack.


Provide spooky photobooth for everyone to take picture. If you want to, ask the guest to post the photo on instagram so you know whose guest took the best picture. You can provide prize for some winner who took the best picture.

Decide the venue for your birthday party. Try to look for a nice restaurant in town or you can prepare the party yourself at home.

That is all for the Halloween birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your fantastic party!


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