Glow In The Dark Birthday Invitations

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Hello everyone, today I will give you some tips about celebrating your kids birthday party especially for teens. Sometimes arranging birthday for teens tend to be harder than for kids because usually they already have their own will. You can prepare pen and paper then sit down and brainstorm with your kids about their birthday party. You need to prepare about decorations, food, souvernir, and games. I am going to give you glow in the dark birthday party ideas. Celebrating party in the dark is fun.


When you have glow in the dark birthday party, you should prepare glow in the dark party supplies like bracelet, maybe glow in the dark bottle decorations, ribbons and many more. You can also use phosphor stick as a decorations on your home. You should also prepare ice breaker game for everyone to play. Ice breaker games make everyone closer to each other.


You can celebrate your kids birthday at restaurant or at home. If you celebrate it at restaurant, you don’t have to worry about the food or decorations. You can left it to your party planner. You just need to pick the best from the menu. If you decide to celebrate it at home, prepare some dessert, sweets, snacks and another special treats for everyone. Don’t forget to prepare the main food like steak, pasta, or you can order some pizza like kids usually like.

glow in the dark

That’s all the ideas for your kids birthday party. Good luck preparing your awesome party! Let’s shoot and let the game begin!

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