Girls Spa Birthday Party Invitations


No more plastic Barbie, toys, doll house Beth is now grow up girl. Hey girls, we are happily inviting you to Beth birthday party.  Beth is going to be sixteen this July and she loves to celebrate her sweet sixteen with you.

girls spa

Beth is going to have private party with some friends because she really loves simplicity. We will have girls spa day in Beth’s house in the morning. We will invite some girls to give you manicures and pedicures, tradional spa and also massage. Why spa day? Because girls need to look pretty and attractive so we need to treat ourselves sometimes. After that we will have a little chit chat, drink, and enjoy the day together.

girls spa1

At night, we will invite a DJ to entertain everyone and rock our party hard and loud. We can also sing and dance all night together. I am sure this will be the party you will always remember. Cause we only live once, why not going all out?

girls spa2

We will also play some games in our party. Get excited and participate in the game. If you win you will bring home beautiful goodie bag.

Anyway, the party will be held in Beth’s house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 9 July 2016

Time                           : 7 PM

Address                      : 4415 Turkey Pen Road Brooklyn, South Carolina 11206

We can’t wait to welcome and see you on our party this Saturday. Your presence is the best present she needed. See you there and enjoy yourself!




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