Garden Girl Birthday Party Ideas


as long as I can remember my daughter Laura has absolutely adored flowers and anything that has to do with flowers so for her sixth birthday I wanted to do something that was as beautiful as a flower she loves and since you could never depend on the weather.
I wanted something that could be done indoors to Party City had everything that I needed for a Laura’s indoor garden party it always starts with the invitations and decorating the envelopes . I wanted the house to look like a garden the minute the girls walked in. I started with these green balloons and this big beautiful butterfly balloon to set the tone, Party City had me covered I hung these sunflower Daisy and butterfly danglers which looked like they were floating around the sky.

happy birthday garden party should always have Garland and I found this fantastic Lantern shaped one in just the colors I was looking for it reminds me of the garden parties that Laura loves from TV and I loved how the adorable cutouts filled the air with soaring butterflies and ladybugs.

I couldn’t wait to show Laura her own special garden the whole room was suddenly blooming with garden magic and fun I told the girls that everyone had to dress properly for a garden party which for us meant getting fashionably . Decked out we divided the girls up into two teams, the ladybugs and the bumblebees using these adorable temporary tattoos and then the real glamour started the girls will love putting the butterfly and flower crystals on their cheeks.

Wow it was a perfect way to kick off our day in the garden every girl knows how important it is to make your hair look pretty and these ladybug tiaras were adorable and what would a fancy garden party be without fancy jewelry and sunglasses, I mean how cute is that I couldn’t resist the photo op.

I told the girls to make their favorite birdie or bug and buzz on over to the living room I filled these sweet little boob bags with activity sheets stickers and explained that if you looked at these magic prisms. The berries in the garden come to life but that was just the warm-up for the garden girl party game after all that playtime we were all ready for a little cake.

I found a cake pan shaped like a daisy and these sweet Daisy icing decorations and little candles shaped like ladybugs flowers bees and butterflies. they match the plate to cut Laura said the cake look just like the flower on her face. I couldn’t imagine how the party could get any better until this giant butterfly decoration over here turned into a butterfly pinata they couldn’t wait to see what was inside this beautiful butterfly it’s so much fun feeling the pinata with all these adorable prizes and treats I told the girls it was a Sun shower thanks for helping me bring our garden party idea to life Party City, I couldn’t imagine one perfect gift for Boram my own little garden girl but the best gift of the day came after the party

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