Free Yellow and Grey Duck Baby Shower Template

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Welcome to the world!

Our baby is coming. Let’s celebrate her presence by attending our baby shower. In this special event, we choose a duck as the mascot of the party. It is a cute animal which has many benefits for human life. I bet you love toasting duck-meat or just cook it as a soup. In spite of it all, a duck is good looking. We just love seeing this animal.


A week after giving birth, we prepare all things to hold baby shower. Fortunately, we found this free grey duck baby shower template. It is a free printable invitation card. Amazing. It is an easy way to have the invitation card. You don’t need to draw anything. This templatr is fantastic because all you need is colorful markers or pens. Write down your baby’s namr and complete by writing the date, time and also your home address. It is possible for you to give any stickers on it or jus put the card in the envelope.

It comes in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. Those formats give you easiness to print it out. If you choose the JPEG, you will get the best result of printing. Nevertheless, you need extra time to finish it.

Conversely, the PDF makes you save time because you can print lots of card in a few minute. How come? Just set the number of cards in a sheet of paper. Then cut the cards by using scissor.

Enjoy your baby shower by having special cakes or cupcakes. Happy party.

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