FREE Twin Baby Shower Invitations

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When people say that having a baby is a bliss, then having twin baby is more than bliss. Believe it or not, twin babies are still considered unique because not many women can give birth to twin babies. So, if you are expecting one, you are considered as a lucky person.

Then, to celebrate this special moment, you can hold the baby shower party on your own. You can set the party with blue and pink colour to match with your twin baby. You can also match the invitation by getting the same background as twin baby shower invitations so that the people you invite know about this special moment.

In addition to the DIY baby shower party, you can also make your own invitation by downloading the invitation template from our website. Do keep in mind that the invitations on our website are all free. You do not need to pay for anything. After you finish with the downloading part, you can move onto the editing part.






In order to edit this twin baby shower invitations using any kinds of editing apps that you have. You can start by filling the available space with words using KR Babiez font. To make it more beautiful, you can adjust the colour to match with the background.

The last step in the DIY baby shower party is the printing part. Before you start printing the twin baby shower invitations, you need to do a few things first. The first thing you need to do is preparing the paper material. You can use the cotton cardstock for the paper.

This kind of cardstock is easy to find yet does not have many options in colour. After that, you can cut the paper to 5”x7” size as it is the common size for invitations. Then, you need to set your printer to a high quality level. After you finish with the preparation, you can start to print the invitation as usual.

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