Free Turquoise and Pink Chevron Baby Shower Template

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Our new little chick is on the way.

Let’s shower mommy to be in our house. We are gladly welcoming you to join us. In this special event, we choose turquoise and pink as the main themed. Actually we don’t have any reasons exactly, it is just because we love both of the colors. Turquoise and pink are soft and they make a beautiful combination.


Preparing this activity needs extra energy since there are many things should be there. Happily, we found a website containing free turquoise and pink chevron baby shower template. We don’t need design an invitation card for it is available. It comes in two kinds of formats, JPEG and PDF. These formats are the same in quality. But they have different way to print.

JPEG has sharp image than other file. Of course it has disadvantage. You cannot work fast through JPEG. Why? Because it takes long time to print one picture. Use a white cardstock paper for more authentic and sturdy invitation card.

While you print by PDF, you may save time and work quickly. Actually it has almost similar quality of printing. However JPEG is better than others. PDF offers setting for you to decide how many cards would be print in one paper.

After you get all the cards, fulfill it by giving your name, date, time and place. Colorful markers and pens are really recommended to write down there. It is possible for you to put in an envelope. Complete the moment by having some birthday cakes and cupcakes.

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