Free Tea Party and Cupcake Double Birthday Invitatation

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Which princess do you like to be at our birthday dress-up tea?

That is the words you will find in this free printable tea party and cupcake double birthday party template. It offers easiness for you to print. Coming in two formats, the JPEG and PDF, you will have the cards quickly. It is designed in two princess handling cupcake. Yup! It is suitable for you twins who want to celebrate birthday party.


Usually, twin is a cohesive group. They work harmoniously to reach everthing, including wonderful birthday party. Twin has the same dream, hobby and favorite in everything. While you are twin, you probably decorate the room or the park beside your home to be the most gorgeous place. Put lots of balloons in your party to make the moments precious.

It is not birthday party without its birthday cake or cupcakes. Both of them are good option. However in order to get the harmony, choose the cupcakes as the dishes. As this invitation card designed, cupcakes and tea are the main dish in this party.

You may choose printing through JPEG or PDF. Those formats give best result when you use a white cardstockpaper. Nevertheless, the PDF one offers the amazing speed. Another advantage is the ability to set the number of cards in one paper.

After you get all the cards, writing down the date, time and place of your party. Doing some mini games during the party is the best option to crack the boredom. As the words said in this card,  which princess do you want?

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