Free Spa Party Birthday Invitation Template

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Hello girls!

Do you have any plans this weekend? If you don’t, join our spa day celebration. We are turning 15. How amazing growth is, isn’t it? Fifteen years we take care of you. Natural ingredient is our focus to give the best for you. Thanks for being our part during this year.

To celebrate this special event, we want you to come and enjoy the party. Taste delicious dishes and soda. Oh, wait! Take special offer from us as a gift for being our customer. Get 50 for you who join us for less than 5 years. While for the others, joined us for more than 5 years, congratulation you get free service.


Be ready, in the next 24 hours, you will receive our invitation card. You can see its pretty designed and colorful picture. We use a free spa party birthday template from the best website.

It is fully recommendee for you. Coming in two formats, JPEG and PDF, it gives you easiness to print. Use a white cardstock paper for more sturdy and authentic result.

You only have to choose the format before printing. The PDF one has a flash speed. It helps you save time and energy. Whilr the JPEG takes long time to print, but it gives you a sharpest image.

Give any response to our phone number. Its line is online 24 hours. We cannot wait to see you in this spa day celebration. This party will be hilarious by local band. Spend your weekend by dancing and getting spa here.

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