Free Printable Zootopia Invitation Template

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Do you like adventure? How about an activity like Zootopia movie? Dream comes true. If you plan to have birthday party, why don’t you play Zootopia’s game like in that movie? It teaches you to be smarter than before. Have a great party with your beloved friends.

Here is a free printable Zootopia invitation template. It has two kinds of formats, the JPEG and PDF. Both of them gives you easiness in printing. It is unique and has bright color. Its design is cute and fit to your need.


There are several differences in JPEG and PDF formats. The JPEG has a sharp image as photos you have. It is high resolution and still the same after printing. Nevertheless, it needs extra time. So, you may spend more time to finish all the cards.

While you print through PDF, it has superhero speed. You may save time and energy. However, the result not too good as the JPEG has. Although it is better than printing in HVS.

I recommend you to use a white cardstock paper for more sturdy result. It looks elegance and extraordinary. To complete your printing, fulfill it by writing your name, date, time and place. Use colorful markers for more beautiful effect.

How about Zootopia’s birthday cake? Of course it is wonderful. Birthday party won’t be special without birthday cake. So, make your own cake, cupcake is also recommended, to your party. Let your guests taste all the dishes. Having mini games during the party would be nice.

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