Free Printable Woodland First Birthday Invitation

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Our baby is growing up. Little Josh is turning one this month. What is the happier moment than birthday party? He is trying to stand alone. Lots of words come out from his sweet mouth. How happy we are.

We are planning to celebrate his birthday with all of you. We want to share our happiness. Of course little Josh wishes that everyone gets the joy. Many happy returns to us.

Josh likes playing with pets. We have cat, rabbit and birds. Every morning they come to Josh, ask him to run. How sweet he is. Josh always smile.

After thinking a while, we decide to have woodland birthday party theme. Enthusiastically, Josh helps us sticking picture on the wall. We decorate it using stickers. There are cat, bird and rabbit on the stickers. My husband is coloring the wall in light green. We will have jungle in our house.

Free Printable Woodland First Birthday invitation template

For the invitation card, we use a free printable woodland first birthday template. Its design is fantastic. It has bright color and cute animal cartoon. Josh really loves it.

It comes in two formats, JPEG and PDF. Once you use the JPEG, you have to be patient. Yeah, it is right. It needs extra time to finish all the card. However, you get sharpest image than the PDF.

PDF fits to one who wants a flash speed printing. You may have a number of cards in a sheet of paper. Just cut in half or one forth, depend on your setting.

Fulfill the card by writing down the date, time and place. Use colorful markers to interest the guest. RSVP is recommended since it helps you prepare the party.



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