Free Printable Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Invitation

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Some of us are afraid of caterpillar for it may cause itchy. One you touch its body, your skin is getting reddish and you scratch your finger. A few minute later, it becomes bigger than before and getting more reddish. That is why not many people likes this kind of animal. But, it is different caterpillar if someone made it as a children’s book. Eric Carle is the one who wrote the story and many kids love his book.


The very hungry caterpillar is the title of his book. He draws the caterpillar in green skin and red head. At the first, it was a little caterpillar. It was growing up everyday and became a big fat caterpillar after eating lots of fruits. This story is wonderful and it is inspired us to have a birthday party for James. He is turning 1 this month. James grows up better than before. We wish he gets blessing in his life.

We plan to decorate the wall like a forest. Thus, we stick picture of trees, fruits, flower and sun to enliven the party. To make this party even better, we gladly to invite you to come on:

Date: March 28, 2017

Time: 3 p.m.

Address: Susan Therese O’Neal, 226 E. Fee Ave, Melbourne FL 32901

Enjoy the dishes we served there. You will find cupcakes, candies and milkshake in various flavor. Make sure you are not getting cough or cold. We hope all of you have good condition. We ask you to play some games to warm the moment, like Pop the Balloons, Find the Chocolate and Throw the Ball. We cannot wait any longer for your coming. James are waiting for you.

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