FREE Printable Tutti Frutti Birthday Invitation Template

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It’s tutti frutti time ! Come and celebrate you kids party with this colourful theme. Yup, tutti fruity can be great idea for your upcoming party because no one kids dislike candies and almost every kid loves candies. Plus, by using this theme you can also introduce some fruits to your kids and your guests. It’s perfect for celebrate toddler’s party!

You will get more because you jump into the right place. Since we provide a million kind of invitation template and for right now we serve you with Tutti Frutti, yeay! This colourful template comes in 5 x 7 inch Jpeg format and don’t worry about the image quality because we do our best by providing Full HD image then you can say good bye to the blurry image. Another benefit is that this template is extremely perfect for busy people because you can make your own invitation anywhere and these template are definitely free so you can save your money more. There are six beautiful images which has different fruit character on every image. There are cherry, Blueberries, berries, red berry and pomegranate. Look so fresh ?. It has blue pastel background with a blank space in the centre. Don’t forget to write down your details information in your invitation such as name, place, date, and contact detail.

Get these template for free

  1. Press the blue download button 
  2. Wait for a second until your download automatically start
  3. Another way is just put your pointer on the image and right click your mouse
  4. Store in folder and voila it’s ready to use

Customize your own

We have two option anyway 

  1. First just print it directly after you download the image with printer. First make sure your cartridge ink and. Let’s print it and decorate your invitation by using pens or crayons
  2. second, if you can run editor soft ware you can choose to edit this template on your photo editor app such as photoshop.
  3. When you are done, you can prepare your printer for prin it or go to the nearest  print shop. I’d like to suggest for using card stock paper 
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