Free Printable Tsum Tsum Cartoon Invitation

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Wanna have a great birthday party? Let’s celebrate with Tsum-Tsum cartoon. Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and others will cheer up your birthday. Here is the free printable Tsum-Tsum birthday invitation for your party. It comes up in two formats, JPEG and PDF, to ease you printing out the invitation card.

There are 10 cartoon characters in this card. Their picture is so cute and sized in different way. You will find Mickey Mouse in big and small, and Winnie The Pooh is too. This kind of invitation card totally makes you as you.


So, what should I do to prepare this card? You may choose two different ways. The first one, you can print the JPEG format and write down the name of your guest, date and time, and also your address home by using marker. Use colorful marker to beautify the invitation card.

The second one, use PDF format to print the card. You will find two invitation cards in one sheet of paper. After it came out from your printer, cut in half using scissors. Please be carefully when holding it.

I recommend you to use white cardstock paper for more authentic feel and sturdy Tsum-Tsum card. When you finished printing the card, put it in the envelop nicely. Then write down your friends’ name you want to invite to your birthday party.

Don’t forget to complete your party theme by supplying the napkin, plates and glasses in Tsum-Tsum theme. Enjoy your party with Minnie Mouse cupcakes and lots of candies. Happy Birthday.

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