Free Printable Train Birthday Invitation Template

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Invite your friends to your birthday party through this amazing free printable train birthday invitation card. Here is a free printable for you to have a fantastic party. It comes in two formats, JPEG and PDF. Both of give you easy options to print. It has bright colors and written special words not as the general invitation card tou find in stationary.


JPEG format offers sharp images since it has high resolution. You will have the best result when printing it by this format. However, you need to be patient, because it takes long time to print one card.

For you who wants to get quick printing, try to use PDF format. You can set the number of cards in one paper. Hence, the size will be not original. The authentic one is 5×7 inches in size. You need to cut in half or many others as you set the paper. Use scissors to cut them tidy.

Use white cardstock paper to get more authentic and sturdy train birthday invitation card. You got bad printing by using HVS paper. The images is not the same as the file.

Fulfill the label in the invitation card. You will find:

1. Boarding time. It shows your party’s time.

2. Departure date. It shows your party’s date.

3. Station location. It is your address.

4. Please reply. It is your phone number used for your friends whether they can come or not.

Don’t forget to write down your name under the words ‘All aboard’ and your age under ‘is turning’.

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