Free Printable Surprise Birthday Invitations

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Celebrations become fun and jolly when surrounded by friends and family. The awesome years are yet to come. Celebrating birthday party is the most wonderful day for everyone especially if we spend it with the loved once. I am going to give you some tips about how to prepare surprise party.


Sometimes, preparing birthday for someone tend to be more stressful because we afraid that surpise party doesn’t turn out like we expected. First you have to find out, what does your friend or your family loves. If you want your party to be formal and luxury you can hire a party planner to help you.

You will also need to make some simple ice breaker game to make the party to create laugh and fun vibes. You have to keep everyone laugh and entertain. If you have some funny friends, tell them to perform stand up comedy. The one who got the most hand clap will win.surpriseYou should also prepare some food and snack for the party. Some food you can provide are sweets, chocolate, and cupcakes. Consider the neutral food and simple snack, so the honoree and everyone at the party loved it and the food doesn’t waste in vain. Don’t forget prepare the little cake for the surprise.surprise-party-birthday-invitations-8You can also prepare a goodie bag for everyone. You can give them souvenir like towel with your birthday friend name, umbrella, or aromatherapy candles or anything. Just something to make everyone remember the party.

That is all for the ideas. Good luck preparing your party!


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