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Hi Super-mama! Save your little princess by hosting Super Mario themed party! Order your husband to dress up to look alike Tatanga (Who’s kidnapping the princess) and Call all your armies out from the cave and ask them to help you find the little princess and defeat the evil Tatanga! What a great idea to go, right? Definitely!. All of those thingies would be a waste tho, if you can’t find the well-designed invitation cards.

Luckily for you folks! I’ve got a message from Luigi that you need an immediate help, so that’s why I’m here to help you figure it out!. A little while ago, I made a stunning invitation cards for you and you are about to see ‘em now. You see it? Yeah, this template has a plenty options to choose, from Yoshi piggybacking Mario, Mario wearing Tanooki Suit, to my favorite White Tanooki Mario. Get them all now! It’s free dudes. Bring your daughter’s dream comes true and don’t forget to invite her gang as well to enjoy your own Mario World party.

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With Yellow Yoshi

Free Printable Super Mario Templates

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With Yoshi

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With Turtle

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With White Tanooki

How To Download

Are you wondering how to get these adorable super Mario themed invitation card? Chills out, you only need an extra effort for this stunning template. These following instruction will help you for sure, here they are:

  1. Move your mouse pointer on the bottom of each of your selected template
  2. Click the download button – Locate where the template files are going to be placed in your device.
  3. Tap “Enter” and now the download process will begin shortly.
  4. Just in case, if the download process is not begin yet – Click the “Click here”.

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With Flying Mario

Free Printable Super Mario Templates With Cute Mario Raccoon SuitAdditional Tips

In addition, you can add this tiny details in your invitation to boost up the cuteness value of the design. To add this following wording, you can use a simple app like Microsoft word or Paint, it’s relatively easy to use and has tons of features. Okay2x I’m done. Here we go,


It’s (Name) Birthday!

And we’re celebrating our

Super Girl!

It will be her 5th year,

So let’s give her a cheer

Hope you can come to our party here:

Location | Date | Time


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