Free Printable Super Mario Invitation Templates

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Good day peeps! Do you still remember Mario Bross and Luigi from super Mario video game?. Super Mario was one of my favourite video game when I was child.  They live in mushroom kingdom and we have to help them to rescue Princess Peach.   There is a lot of adventure in this game. In total, There are thirty two levels with eight  different world. This video game is developed by Japanese platform and became popular since 1985. Initially, I used to play super Mario Bross in Nitendo . Although, there are a lot of games until today, Super Mario still has special place in my heart. 

That’s why, this video game inspired me and the gang to make these free printable Super Mario theme invitation templates.

There are some advantages from these free printable templates. First, these templates are totally free! There is no hidden cost or bill later so you don’t have to pay. Second, these templates come with six different option! So you can choose whatever you like for your special day. Anyway, all of them are attractive so don’t be confused y’all :D. Moreover, these templates come in JPEG format with 1500 pixel resolution, it has 5×7 inch landscape size with white pretty bubble and different characters in every template. Plus, the extra news is that this is editable. So you can customise your own invitation. You can use canva or Microsoft Word to edit and write your words in the white bubble. If you still don’t get enough about what will you write in your invitation, you may check it on internet because there is a lot of example and recommendation







How to use these free printable Super Mario Invitation Templates

First, you can select your favourite image and then click the blue save-download button, wait for second and it will be automatically download or you can right click on your mouse and choose -save image as- and save it in a folder in your pc. Then you can import the image on your photo editor app and customise your own words. Last, print it with printer and I suggest to use cardstock paper.

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