Free Printable Star Wars Birthday Invitation

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Wanna have adorable moment with your son? Having birthday party with your son’s friend is one of the best choice you can do. As we know, not everyone care about birthday. They just ignore it and do their activity as usual.

Birthday party can be the best moment ever. You need to prepare it carefully. Next weekend is Ken’s chance to have birthday party. It is nice seeing you her, so we are happily inviting you to Ken’s party. Wear your Star Wars costume to festive the party.

Why does the theme be in Star Wars movie? Ken likes Star Wars movie very much. He can’t wait any longer for the newest Star Wars movie. We support him to learn the movie since it is imaginative but also logic.

We set aside the special dishes for you. You can eat various cupcakes, candies and traditional food. How about drinks? Feel free to try our milkshake fresh from the dairy farm. Strawberry, chocolate, mocca and many flavor you can find there.

Besides, we have set fun games to satisfy your event such as reading poem, guessing name and throwing the ball. Do you wanna show the best talent? We gladly appreciate it.

At the last, the party will be held on:

Date : March 25, 2017

Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Address : 12th Vancouver Street, New York City

We are happy to see you in this party. Ken can’t wait to welcome you to be the part of his moment. Your presence is the best gift for him.

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