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Have you ever played Sonic the hedgehog ? Yupp, this is a popular video game that was released in 1991 and became popular from video game, Tv series and recently there are sonic the hedgehog action movie yuhuu, where is sonic fan? Sonic the hedgehog movie was released recently on 22 February 2020, yupp this is still playing in the cinemas guys, if you are a fans of sonic you must watch it and give a review. By the way, if you are a fans of sonic how about we take Sonic the hedgehog as our party them. Is it a great idea ? 

Don’t worry we will help you by providing some sonic invitation templates since we know in party,  invitation is a must ! So, that’s our job to design a pretty invitation and share with all of you. Take it easy peep, we figure out what you want because our invitation templates are totally free ! so, you don’t need to pay anything. You will find six different patterns with sonic video game background and every image has a different character. These templates come in landscape and jpeg format so later if you want to edit this template on your photo editor app, you can import it and start for editing. Let’s use your creativity and make a unique invitation 

How To Download This template

  1. Go to and select your favourite sonic templates 
  2. Simply, just moved your mouse pointer on your desired image and right click your mouse until it shows an option “save image as”. 
  3. Wait for a second, it will save automatically into your PC
  4. If you find the blue button under your image you can simply just click and it will direct you into a new window until it automatically save

How To Use This Template

  1. If you can do editing on photo editor app such as photoshop, you can import this template and start for editing
  2. However, since our template come in blank space format you can just print it and write down your words with pens, markers or crayons
  3. When you’re done. Print it with printer or you can go to the nearest print shop

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