Free Printable Snow White Flowery Invitation Templates

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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall . Who’s the fairest them all?”. Your little princess might be familiar with this magic mirror. ya, who doesn’t know princess Snow White right? She is adored by many kids because of her beauty and kindhearted. So, if you are planning a party, you can celebrate your little girl’s party with Princess Snow White. You can make your royal celebration!

Here , we have some tips for your party ideas

  1. Beautiful flower garden Snow White theme doesn’t mean there must be snow all the time. You can arrange your party like flower garden in the jungle. Use some flower as decorations to make more colourful or you can make it as garden party!
  2. Magic mirror as your Photo Booth background! Snow White identical with magic mirror. So, it is a great idea to make this photobooth and put  in the perfect spot
  3. Princess and prince dress code. To make it more royal celebration. You can use royal dress code for your party. Let’s anyone  express themselves based on her/his preference
  4. Don’t forget the red apple!, We can’t separate snow white movie with apple. So, you can provided some apple fruit for your royal guest  on your table
  5. Beautiful invitation. Don’t worry, we have some free printable Princess Snow White theme templates  for you! So, you don’t need to go Somewhere to buy the invitation. Anyway, It will save your money and energy because it is free: D

Free printable snow white invitation templates for you

We offer some templates for your royal party. You can freely choose based on your preference. also, you can save it more than one and customize it. These 5×7’’ landscape templates have flower green jungle as a background and Princess Snow White as the model. To get these templates click the download image botton under the image and it will automatically download after you get the new window. however, you can put your mouse pointer in your favourite image and right click your pad then select “save image as”. After this template has been downloaded, you can edit it on photo editor app and print it later.






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